Children's Mental Health Week

This year the children and staff at Roberts Primary School really embraced the theme of ‘Let’s Connect’. We learned about the importance of connecting with other people inside and outside of school and had time to explore what this meant to us as individuals. Some classes learned about famous people that have changed the world by connecting with others for example Marcus Rashford, Louis Braille and Anne Frank. We gathered ideas on how we can connect with others more simply by saying hello to people, speaking to someone new or asking how a friend is feeling. As a school all of the classes were involved in exciting activities which enabled different year groups to really drill down to why it is important to stay connected.

Children in this class created a mental health wheel which was connected by all of the children’s skills and qualities they have!

The children were involved in a range of activities which encouraged them to talk to new friends and find out something new about them that perhaps they didn’t know before!

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