Olympic Swimmer, Rebecca Adlington OBE - Visit

Roberts Primary School were very fortunate and were visited by the Olympic swimmer, Rebecca Adlington OBE.

Rebecca competed in four Olympic finals, over two Games, winning two gold and two bronze medals in Beijing and London respectively. She also broke the World Record in the 800m freestyle in 2008 (the record was 19 years old!)

I have been swimming for 5 years and now swim with an club. I would like to be an Olympic swimmer when I am older. What is the best piece of advice that you can give to me to help me achieve this?

Rebecca said that you always need to try your best , listen to your coach and teacher and always believe in yourself.

How do you stay motivated when things get difficult?

Rebecca said that it was really hard getting up very early in the morning when it was cold and snowing but she always knew that someone else was out there training and doing their best so she did too. 

What inspired you to become an Olympic swimmer?

Rebecca said that she had 2 older sisters and was inspired by them and wanted to beat them! She also said that she enjoyed swimming.

What has been the highlight of your career?

She said that this was breaking the 800m freestyle record in Beijing and holding that record for 5 years. Rebecca also said that her best medal was the bronze she won in London because she had the whole country cheering her on.

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